PRIDE Reviews

Look through the brilliant reviews for PRIDE, out September 12th.


The Times


“A terrific British film that’s set to be the next The Full Monty” - Wendy Ide


The Guardian


“An impassioned and distinctly loveable movie…It is warm and witty, with terrific performances.” - Peter Bradshaw


Evening Standard


"Irresistible…" - Nick Roddic—film-review-9437759.html




"It’s a joyous film, full of love and warmth but unafraid to admit that with sticking out your neck comes struggle and sorrow. Truly lovely." - Dave Calhoun


Total Film

“The epitome of a crowd-pleaser, with comedy, drama and warm-and-fuzzies-infusing emotion. Warchus strikes the near-perfect tone, PRIDE was the feel-good hit of the [Cannes] festival.” - Matt Risley


Den of Geek


“The comedy of the year to date; bursting with heart, exquisite moments and food for thought, it’s a five star night out at the movies.” - Simon Brew




“A British hit just waiting to happen. There is not a duff note from the cast.” - Jo-Ann Titmarsh





Mail on Sunday


"Were coming out for the feel good film of the year."


Vanity Fair

“You can try to resist the heartwarming PRIDE, but you will fail.” - Jordan Hoffman


The Independent

"A faith-restoring, heartwarming rom-com"


Flickering Myth

"…a charm and humour that’s infectious from the first frame."


Bleeding Cool

"Real belly laughs"




"The best British film in years is also the must see movie event of the year. I’ve rarely loved a film as much as I did Pride." - Matthew Todd



"Word of mouth could easily propel the comedy-drama to positively sinful success, especially in its home market, Blighty."



"Perhaps the best and most moving film since BILLY ELLIOT. Absolutely superb, only the hardest of hearts could fail to be moved" - Oliver Lyttelton


The Hollywood News

"PRIDE is an uplifting British comedy drama inspired by a remarkable true story."


Entertainment Focus

"Pride really is a gem of a film that showcases everything that’s right with the British film industry."


Daily Express


"A rousing, big-hearted British triumph…you really must see it." - Allan Hunter


Sunday Express


"Utter pride and joy." - Brigit Grant



"The Best British film in years, very much in the vein of the Full Monty and Billy Elliot." - James Williams




"A clear winner that makes you laugh, cry, and generally want to party and parade like it’s 1984. Respect." - Angie Errigo




“Brilliantly played and very funny.” - John Bleasdale


Screen International

“A big-hearted tearjerker that packs a huge emotional wallop.” - Allan Hunter


The Hollywood Reporter

“Funny, warm-hearted and enormously satisfying .” - David Rooney


The Upcoming


“New, refreshing and pertinent.” - Liloie Cazorla

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